New landing page designs

Anders Orset
Anders Orset

We always add branding, colors and fonts according to our client’s needs. There are a number of pages and layouts that can be set up on the site – read more about that on the solution page. We recently created new templates for the landing page – that is the first page you see when you enter the domain.

Splash Landing

Our new “Splash Landing” template is a full-size image in 3 versions (mobile, desktop and desktop-wide) with an action button and works great for real estate or when you have a physical product to showcase. You can see an example of it on

Leadgen Landing

This landing page works for better for when you sell online products like we do on this site. You can see an example of it on

We add your fonts, colors and branding to the template.

Simple listing

We also offer a simple listing on the front page. You can see an example of this layout at

Here you can list your pages or blogs – good for a simple informational website.

Missing something?

Do you want something that’s not on the list? Let us know what you need.